You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Samarpan Meditation.


10 Reasons Why You Should Try Samarpan Meditation Today.

Hi friends, There are many benefits to doing the samarpan meditation and there are many unique benefits. It will give you a mind-blowing experience.

Samarpan meditations are mantras that are chanted in the Hindu tradition. Samarpan is the process of satisfying the gods by giving them something of one’s own.

The word “samarpan” means “to share.” The Samarpan Meditation is to chant the mantra “Soham” which is translated as “I am that.” It is chanted 108 times.

What is Samarpan meditation?

Samarpan meditations are mantras that are chanted in the Hindu tradition. Samarpan means “to share.” The word “samarpan” means “to share.” The Samarpan Meditation is to chant the mantra “Soham” which translates as “I am that.”

Here are 10 reasons why you should try Samarpan Meditation today:

1. It helps you deal with negativity.

During meditation, you don’t have time to waste on negativity and frustrations. During this Meditation, you chant the mantra to satisfy the gods so that they can be satisfied. It will also assist you in dealing with your own negative emotions.

2. It will help you control your emotions.

Although the mantra “soham” doesn’t require much concentration, you will be able to focus on your breathing and be at peace.

3. It will reduce your anxiety.

This can help you clear your mind of stress and anxiety.

4. It will increase your focus.

Although you won’t be able to control your attention, you can be more focused and focused on the mantra.

                                                Shivkrupanand Swami

Why try Samarpan Meditation?

Samarpan Meditation is believed to help you achieve Nirvana, or to end the cycle of rebirths and to be accepted in the Divine State. Nirvana means the state of complete peace, joy, and happiness where you are never sad, angry, or worried again.

As the Vedas have taught, Nirvana is something that is so good that no one can reach it and become happy forever. Since everyone’s state of Nirvana is different, it is said that this Meditation would eventually lead the individual to Nirvana.

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How to do Samarpan Meditation?

The mantra is chanted 108 times and once it has been completed, the session can begin.

The first thing you need to do is find a place that you can use to chant it as many times as you need to in order to feel the same satisfaction of the same quality of pleasure that you experienced while doing yoga.

Once that is arranged, use a timer on your phone to count the last 108 times the mantra was recited.

The Vedic practices, like Samarpan meditation, are about achieving a higher, ecstatic level of consciousness. To understand this you must understand how different levels of consciousness are achieved in different styles of meditation.

The mantra “I am that” can lead to meditation in which the practitioner begins to see and understand that God or divinity is within all. This is a significant step as it unlocks the true potential of one’s spirituality.

How long does the Samarpan Meditation session take?

This particular Samarpan meditation is done for a minute. So, if you are in a one-minute conversation with someone, you should take one minute of that to complete the same Meditation.

If you are in a two-minute conversation with someone, you should take one minute of that conversation to complete it.

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Benefits of Samarpan Meditation:-

According to Hindu tradition, mantras are like pulses that vibrate on the boundaries of consciousness. The Samarpan Meditation chants the mantra 108 times.

These mantras have a particular power and are chanted to the deities or “gods.” One mantra that is particularly powerful is Soham. It is a mantra for overcoming suffering.

The chanting of Soham helps calm the mind, balance the emotions, and soothe the body. These are the powerful benefits of the Samarpan Meditation.

This is a powerful practice that is very easy to learn. Samarpan meditation is not to be confused with chanting mantras that require chanting. The words are only a concept and there is no need to recite mantras in order to achieve the benefits.

Benefits of chanting the mantra “Soham”.

The results are numerous. They are said to be listed here, but not limited to,

Noticing a “breath of God” that will calm one’s mind;

Feeling blissful and joyful;

A real sense of God’s love;

Feeling satisfaction with and love for oneself;

Profound meditation;

This release in one’s mind (momentary);

Making changes in the mind;

Learning things (e.g. musical tuning);

Eliminating all vices (including any sense of greed or anger);

Listening to God as one listens to a child;

Seeing things as God sees them;

Learning about God, creation and creation’s beauty;

Being guided to God, guided to knowledge of God.

The benefits of chanting “Soham” 108 times!

The chanted mantra is said to fill the subconscious mind with an endless stream of spiritual knowledge. With this knowledge, the spiritual doors are opened to become one with the infinite.

No longer is one chained to the world’s rigid schedule, nor does one have to worry about the self-destructive tendencies that our minds tend to fall into.

With chanting “Soham” as the mantra, one does not have to engage in any acts of violence or physically harm another person. The mantra also contains healing properties.

It helps to calm the mind and body, which assists in alleviating one’s worries and fears.

Spiritual and emotional clarity

As with any mantra, it helps to calm one’s mind and helps in bringing clarity to the mind.

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Samarpan meditation with music!

Is one of the most unique techniques in meditative practices. This short video will help you experience the samarpan meditation.

It is a short meditation technique that starts out with 10 mantras that are then repeated over and over again while also having a conversation with the sound.

1. Meditation and sound in a state of bliss.

Meditating with sound in a state of bliss is the samarpan meditation. How do you meditate with sound?

Put your meditation music on.

Put the silence button on.

Put the samarpan music on.

Sing along.

Drum along.

Shout along.

Kiss along.

Hit a knee or dance.


Samarpan meditation by sri sri..

According to Sivamitra, Sri Dharma Muni attained Samarpan with the help of Guru-Shakti of Lord Shiva. The Lord blesses those who chant the mantra “Soham” by giving them great powers and great well-being in worldly life.

However, the Samarpan meditation is said to be very strong and difficult for many people.

How to start a Samarpan meditation?

The easiest way is to do it slowly, one mantra at a time.

If you feel you need more time to complete it, you can do a whole lot more mantras in a single sitting.

Visit the Samarpan Meditation Resources…

Samarpan Meditation is a very interesting and powerful meditation. The meditations taught by Sri Dharma Muni are the most popular and powerful. Here are some sources of Samarpan meditation meditations.


Samarpan meditations can help you to overcome depression. It is one of the best methods of relieving depression. The chants include the sounds of Om which helps you in maintaining a sense of peace and in meditation.

It is also helpful in enhancing physical health. The chanting of mantras in the name of Ganesha, Lord of all improvements, provides mental strength to overcome any kind of negativity.

You can either learn the chant in one day or by listening to the CD. Even if you cannot follow the entire meditation you can start with one sound in the mantra, which will help you in developing the ability to chant mantras in the right order. So, I hope you liked this innovative information. Thanks:)

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