Why Buddha Park Of Ravangla Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Introducing the Buddha Park of Ravangla (buddha park of Sikkim)

Built at an elevation of almost 7,500 feet above sea level, the Buddha Park of Ravangla has become a popular tourist attraction since its inauguration in 2013.

A 200-acre park on the banks of the Nila river, the park was designed to replicate Buddhist teachings. For example, it has Buddha statues of different heights and sizes. There are also panels illustrating the Buddha’s teachings in both Sinhalese and English.

Some other remarkable features include a pond called Kambamba Oya, a pool of clear water called Balyama Oya, and a lovely gopura with ten decorated pillars. A park is also a place of Hindu pilgrimage.

Explore the Buddha Temple of Matale, Sri Lanka

The Buddha Temple of Matale is the largest in the country. It is located between Colombo and Matale.

The Tathagata Tsal statue

Situated along the Ayubha River, The Buddha Park of Ravangla is nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka’s central highlands. The park covers an area of 35 acres and features a heated pool and a large pool of water. The pool at the Buddha Park of Ravangla is meant to be therapeutic.

The Buddha Park of Ravangla had also become a popular tourist destination since its opening. There are three paths for visitors to tread through The Buddha Park of Ravangla.

One path is the “sunrise path,” which leads to the Temple of the Tooth. A second path is the “clear your heart path,” which leads to a terrace overlooking the Buddha’s footprints. The third path leads to the pool, where visitors can enjoy both therapy and entertainment.

The surrounding environment

Ravangla is an ideal destination for lovers of nature. There are several forests around the town. The urban landscape is surrounded by mountains and valleys and offers a picturesque landscape.

With the main Buddha Park located right beside a wood-processing and wood-use plant, the air is heavily polluted by smoke. Even though Buddha Park is very close to the pollution problem, it cannot be overlooked that it can only be enjoyed in summer when the air is not as polluted.

From the Buddha Park

It takes only 20 minutes by local bus to get to Ravangla Buddha Park from the railway station in Colombo. However, visitors will need a minimum of one hour to cover the entire distance by foot.

Finding the perfect spot to enjoy the scenery

Tathagata Tsal is tucked away in the heart of the city and can be reached via an 8 km long and 400-meter wide roundabout. While the main attraction of the park is the Buddha statue, there are plenty of smaller shrines around the park to visit.

Learn about Buddhism

The Buddha Park of Ravangla offers visitors several sessions where they can learn about Buddhist philosophy, Buddha’s teachings, and the culture and history of the Buddhist country.

The session includes discussions about the practice of the traditional Pancharatra discourse, the symbolism, and meaning of the statues around the park, the story of the construction of Tathagata Tsal, and the life and teachings of the Buddha.

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What to see and do in Ravangla

The Buddha Park of Ravangla offers the following highlights:-

Pilgrims’ Sayings Book: In addition to the private private sangha room, where daily puja and group discussions are held, there is a library which features recordings of more than 40 dedicated and frequently translated scriptures. One of the most valuable is a Chinese translation of the Tara Sutras.

Sangha Kitchen: Open for lunch and dinner, the sangha kitchen is the focal point of the area and serves as a hub of social interaction and pilgrimages. The food is simple but wholesome with simple dishes like lamb, vegetables, and lentils.

Indoor Swimming Pool: The large swimming pool with diving boards is available from May to October. Members and visitors are free to visit and use the facility.

buddha park

Discover the Buddha Parks of Sri Lanka

The Buddha Park of Ravangla additionally referred to as Tathagata Tsal, is set close to Rabong (Ravangla). it absolutely was made between 2006 and 2013 and options a 130-foot high sculpture of Gautama Siddhartha as its centerpiece.

Sri Lanka’s History of Buddhist Art

The first Buddha monument was commissioned by King Parakramabahu VI, or Jayabahu VII, of the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa in 1153. The park was once known as Lanka Durbar Square, but it is now commonly referred to as Ravangla, after the site where it is located.

At the time of the building of the park, Sri Lanka was a major Buddhist kingdom and the seat of the kingdom was situated in this same city.

The other Buddha Parks in Sri Lanka

There are a total of twelve Buddha Parks in Sri Lanka.

Athgampitiya is the only private park dedicated to Buddha. It was founded in 1974 and is located in Matale. The Buddha statue in this park is almost 10 feet tall.

Mahanagana is a Buddhist Temple in Polonnaruwa. This large tourist destination is located in the upper reaches of Polonnaruwa and has some amazing architecture and ancient art on display.

This park was built for the Sinhala Buddhists in central Sri Lanka. The theme of this park is the Mahabodhi Temple. The Park features historical statues, statues of Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Maha Bodhisattvas, gods, guardian animals, and more.

This park in Ramananda is also known as Pilakaduwa. It features a huge statue of Buddha. It is built in the traditional style of old artisans.

The Speciality of the Ravangla Buddha Park

Having Buddha statues of such a size and grandeur in a small area surely raises the value of the area. The park has all the facilities, especially the childcare center, library, and gymnasiums, that the Buddhists might be looking for.

This park is considered one of the richest Buddhist parks in the country. There are a number of Buddhist complexes and parks that can be found in Sri Lanka, one being the Buddha Park of Ravangla.

Let us find out the value of the Ravangla Buddha Park.

The Location:-

Ravangla is an ancient town, situated between the two major towns of Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. The town is well known for its pleasant weather and the historic Buddha Park.

Tathagata Tsal’s Historical Value

Tathagata Tsal is one of the 12 Buddha Parks built in the country.

The project, constructed on a 20-acre area, was commissioned by the president of the Buddhist association in Sri Lanka, H.M.D. Premadasa and the UNESCO.

gangtok to buddha park ravangla

The Buddha Park of Gadalchini, also known as Bumbuni Buddha Park, was constructed between 2007 and 2013 and features a 112-foot high statue of the Buddha.

Buddhacandra Park, situated in the heart of capital city of Kandy, features a 110-foot high statue of the Buddha.

One and half km from Colombo city, is the Buddha park in Oropune Gardens, Ruhunuwatta. The park is operated by National Identity Card Authority (NIDA).

Other parks are also available in several places like Galkansara, Ratnapura, Matara, Kandy, etc.

Folklore also helps in the origin of many Buddha parks. For example, the first Buddha park of Andalawaddy near Ampara is known to be the image of Shakyamuni Buddha.


There is no historical record that attributes the construction of Buddha Parks to the medieval era.



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