What’s So Trendy About Bodhidharma That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Hello friends, How are you! Welcome to our blog. Today, I will talk about Bodhidharma! A complete inspirational story of Bodhidharma you should know. Why he was so popular in the 5th to 6th century.

What he did, how he cure people, how many books he had written, and more interesting facts and truths about Bodhidharma. So let’s begin:– 

Who was Bodhidharma? Why he was So Popular!

Before we start, I want to introduce Bodhidharma’s real photo. Like, so much people’s are demanding, his real photo, how he looked like that. Ok, So this is the real photo of Bodhidharma. 


The History of Bodhidharma! His real Story.

The History of Bodhidharma, Many people do not know much about what Bodhidharma is and what he did. Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk that was known for bringing Zen Buddhism to China

He was born a Hindu and then converted to Buddhism. Bodhidharma became a Buddhist monk and came to China. He introduced meditation as a good way to achieve enlightenment. 

He also instructed the monks to meditate for 12 hours a day and eat little. The monks would do it and they would be able to gain supernatural abilities and gain enlightenment. 

There is not much known about Bodhidharma and this article does not know why he tried to bring meditation to China. 

He is said to have come to China to teach the dharma, or the truth, which he referred to as the “gates of liberation.” He became known for his fierce rhetoric and disciplined style. 

It is believed that after he became ill, he began focusing on seated meditation training. He passed on his teachings to his disciples, which became known as the Bodhidharma Sect. His legacy has served as inspiration for many people over the centuries.

What did Bodhidharma teach?

Bodhidharma taught that all human beings could reach enlightenment and become Buddha. 

This enlightenment, he noted, sensed so there was once common advice so best wisdom should keep mated thru meditation yet to sit earlier than a dike yet ponders the mind, or therefore she taught human beings in accordance with tend yet in imitation of pondering the mind.  

Mastering the idea is in conformity with education or looking at one’s personal mind. The mind, said Bodhidharma, ought to stay still or solitary. Bodhidharma is an unaccompanied whoever lived about the fifth centenary CE. He is credited with transmitting the teachings on Buddhism out of India according to China.

Bodhidharma Anthology You should know!

The Bodhidharma Anthology is an anthology of early Indian Buddhism. It covers the teachings of both Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism, draws on the Pali texts, and is one of the most important sources for this period of Indian Buddhism. 

The anthology was compiled in the 14th century in Tibet in five scrolls. The Bodhidharma Anthology is an anthology of Indian Buddhist texts written around the fifth century.

It covers the teachings of both Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism. It draws on the Pali texts and is one of the most important sources for this period of Indian Buddhism.

How does Bodhidharma control others’ minds? Shocking fact!

Do you know friends, Bodhidharma has secret power you can’t believe. He used to control people’s minds with the movement of his eyes, no matter any enemy came to kill him, he used to compete with his eyes.

Bodhidharma is an ancient Buddhist monk who has been known to control the minds of others. Bodhidharma did not have a name when he was born, so he went by the name of Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma did not know how to speak, so he communicated by grunting. His father was a king and he had no interest in succeeding his father. Once his father was gone Bodhidharma set out to find the source of continued life.

He met an ascetic who taught him about Buddhism. He met another person who taught him about the original teachings of Buddhism. He learned the essence of the teachings. He learned how to control people’s minds with meditation.

  • Which disease did Bodhidharma cure?

The Bodhidharma became famous thanks to the story of his curing a person of smallpox. He was the one who used acupuncture to cure the person. 

The person became healthy and was able to continue their life. Bodhidharma was a monk and sculpted a statue of himself that was worshiped as a deity in China.

  • Bodhidharma’s DNA! What did the Scientist say about that?

Bodhidharma’s DNA Recently, the Chinese scientist published the results of the study in which he claimed that Bodhidharma, the spiritual master who transmitted Zen Buddhism to China, is related to the East Asian people. 

According to the scientist, who is an expert in genetics, Bodhidharma’s DNA is most closely related to the DNA of Chinese people. The ancestors of Bodhidharma would not be Indian people but would be Chinese. 

The scientist conducted the study by comparing the DNA sequences of Bodhidharma with the DNA sequences of more than 100 East Asian people.

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The books are written by Bodhidharma:-

These are some books written by Bodhidharma. You can buy these books on Amazon, or read books free on the web. Many sites are available, just google it!


Did Bodhidharma write any medical books?

The Lotus Sutra which was written by the Lotus Sutra enthusiast, Zhiyi, emphasizes that human life is precious and that it should not be thrown away like a chicken bone as some chicken bones are thrown away as a matter of course.

In this book, Bodhidharma says that not only some chicken bones, but also some mountains and rivers, some people, and all the things created by people, should not be thrown away as a matter of course. 

Which viruses attack the people after the century of Bodhidharma?

In the last century, Bodhidharma was able to transmit a disease that caused a large number of people to be infected and killed over time. This disease was one of the most prominent and acute. 

As of now, Bodhidharma’s disease is hard to find and no new cases have been reported in the last three centuries.
The Influenza virus is a type of virus that attacks people after the century of Bodhidharma. The Influenza virus can range from a mild and common cold and can be deadly to people. 

The Influenza virus is found in the water and air around us and is easily transmitted from one person to another. 

The Influenza virus is easy to treat with medicine and lots of rest. Which viruses attack the people after the century of Bodhidharma?


In conclusion, Bodhidharma’s body of work is constantly in question as to its true meaning and origins. Many people are taken aback by the fact that he, like the Buddha himself, stated that there was nothing special about him. 

In his short tenure in China (around 15 years), he taught a lot of different philosophies, but it was never with fanfare or some kind of self-importance.

I hope your all doubts are clear about Bodhidharma. So, I will meet you in the next article. Till then, Take care:)



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