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The Truth about Gautama Buddha’s Death: What the Research Shows.

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What We Know About the Life and Death of Gautama Buddha?

Do you know! Buddhists believe that he died either on 18 or 19 April and they celebrate his anniversary on this date as Vesak.

According to Nikon: There is a general consensus among present-day historians and scholars that Gautama Buddha, popularly known as Siddhartha Gautama, died around 400 BC, possibly near the age of 80 years old.

“It is opinion such as deterioration of human life span was suggested by King Ajatasattu – although the idea would not have been new then – and that one thing led to another until finally, they agreed on Gautama’s death at the end of 483.

Buddha’s Life and Death.

Buddha was born on 26th November 563 BC. He was born to a very happy family. His father, King Śuddhodana was very loving to him and his mother used to cook delicious meals and shared them with him every day.

Buddha had a loving father like King Śuddhodana, therefore he decided to go to monastic life. And he used to ask his father for a day off and one day he did it.

King Śuddhodana didn’t like Buddha going to the monastery; so, he got angry and called him back. Buddha told his father that he doesn’t want to leave his father and he will go. He went to the monastery and his mom came too.

Soon Buddha started studying and out of 10,000 students, only 6 survived, Buddha, became the only winner.

What do we know about the earlier life of Gautama Buddha?

He was born into the royal family of Kapilavatthu, and his father and mother died during his birth. He had a brother named Buddhacandra. Buddha’s name means the one who does not understand – no, who cannot understand.

From a young age, Buddha lived with the monks in a solitary hermitage.

He was described as a bright and sharp boy who wanted to make his father proud. At age 12, his father was born again. This showed that his mind was disturbed and he would have to leave the community and go into solitude.

According to Nikon: When he was 23 years old, a man came to the village looking for a monk to clean his well.

  • The villagers invited the monk to them
  • They offered him food and drinks.

  • The monk became so drunk that he forgot where he was. He did not want to be late.

buddha's death cause you should know

The mystery about his death!

Several scholars disagree with this belief and believe that Gautama Buddha never died and the body is preserved in Dambulla Forest, Sri Lanka.

In addition to that, it is not even possible for Gautama Buddha to be alive because of this he was born in 563 BC in Northern India.

It is said that Lord Buddha did not die on the battlefield but left this world and took the form of a snake and breathed his last in the forest Dambulla.

The opposite of the case is the fact that there is no solid evidence as to the actual date of Buddha’s birth.

People also like to believe that the king who discovered him was none other than Prince Siddhartha, who was found in a brook by a deva, in a cave at Sera when he was only 9 months old.

What we don’t know about the life and death of Gautama Buddha

In 2013, the CBC Religion team analyzed 441 Buddhist texts from 91 countries, including non-Buddhist ones, in an attempt to find out more about this great soul. They published a book about it: ” The Strange Death and Life of the Buddha,” which tells further theories about the subject.

One of the most peculiar and puzzling subjects is this:

“We may never know what killed Siddhartha. Is it possible that he never actually died? We do know that at least two people claimed to have actually met him and taken him in.

In Tibet, there are tales of Buddha’s visit to a nomadic village, which happened when the King was in ill health. And there are also theories of reincarnation, the Buddha coming back into another body and leading a new life.

buddha stories

Some Of The Untold Stories You Should Explore

Many people ask themselves, why do we even celebrate Buddha’s death anniversary? Do you know, this is a religious festival which is widely celebrated not only in South East Asia but in a lot of countries across the globe?

This is why our search for more information led us to find some of the astonishing facts of this celebration. This is an inspiring untold story of the buddha.

“When Siddhartha started meditating in the wilderness in India, he was ill and out of touch with the world around him.

So, he had to sleep at times lying on his back or hanging upside down to alleviate his symptoms. When he heard about this sleeping style, he was determined to practice it as it helped him to realize all of his physical and mental self.

When Siddhartha realized all the pain in his body, he would meditate and find ways to relieve it.

When was Gautama buddha born and how many years ago?

Actually, I don’t really remember right now!

But anyway, that is the general thing buddha had the traditional site nirvana where he sat on a lotus, was reborn.

He seems to have been a very powerful personality, he is said to have been able to open up the eyes of a dead person, so this may have to do with his special healing powers.

Even the Buddha himself is said to have had some sort of skills for it, but it was not the sort of magic we know of today in terms of using that kind of power.

He seems to have been a very powerful personality, he is said to have been able to open up the eyes of a dead person, so this may have to do with his special healing powers.

Even the Buddha himself is said to have had very intense knowledge of such knowledge such as on, which is its name means awakening.

How did gautama buddha die.

Gautama Buddha was born in a family of farmers in a place called Kapilavastu, near a big palace (Sthitapura) in the Indian sub-continent called Kapilavastu. They said that Gautama Buddha was born at the north of their village and his father was the farmer.

His mother, although called Yasodhara, was said to be very beautiful and the most beautiful girl in her village. After giving birth to Gautama buddha, his mother became very sick and died shortly after.

His father and other family members believed that a vampire lived in their village and killed her. Then they believed that they lost all of their wealth and property because of a curse that the vampire made.

The farmer brought Gautama buddha to the main city. He soon became a monk.

Want to know buddha’s death cause!

“There is no doubt that there are many very different accounts of his life, based on different parts of the wisdom given to Gautama by Ajaan Yuen, who himself was known to be an excellent orator,” says Shemuel Yapa, a Buddhist teacher in Switzerland.

“These legends also differ as to how Gautama started his spiritual quest. The most common version attributes his enlightenment to taking a special lotus-bun and becoming a renunciant monk.

The other versions of the story point to meditation and divination as having preceded the lifestyle of a renunciant monk.”

Ajaan Laddha, a Vipassana meditation teacher who has become a popular international teacher, agrees that the human life span is limited, but “not necessarily because our bodies are fragile or of inferior material.

Where did Gautam buddha attain nirvana?

There was an ancient North Indian king named Samudragupta, who had 5000 fathers. He was the son of Mahakal (the enlightened) which was the father of all kings. He died peacefully.

We also don’t know how his death was so peaceful and so peaceful that none are remembering his demise and it’s said that Samudra was not even aware that his body was disintegrating.

According to The Buddhist Encyclopedia “It is supposed that Gautama became enlightened at a certain age. There was a certain ceremony known as the Shakyamuni Vespers and it was during this Vespers, rather than being cremated as the usual custom, that he was cremated in a pyramid made of brick and stone.

Which dynasty did Gautam Buddha’s mother belong to?

According to Nikon: The oldest tradition mentions that Gautama was the son of Jayavarman II and his mother was Queen Jamkhyana, a lady from a village called Palatana.

Gautama came to be known as Gautama, meaning “master of discourses” because he was a pupil of the Buddha himself.

According to Sanskrit Scholar Sushil Kumar Sharma:

“Gautama came from a village called Palatana, where a lama named Sundara had become her disciple. There was a great debate between Sundara and a lama named Buddha on whether it was a human soul or a lotus soul.

The debates continued in this manner and some people joined Sundara on his side, other people joined Buddha on his side.

But at a time, Sundara was successful in pointing out that it was only the lotus soul which can give rise to joy and sorrow.

And finally, If you want to learn more about buddha’s life, so you can watch this video for free.!


If there is any truth in this life and death of buddha then his father must have introduced him to the secret meditation as a child.

If I am right then when Buddha was 12 his father came to him and told him to become an ascetic and after 10 years he could receive a blessing. And this must be the secret of the life and death of Buddha.

So friends! My point of view is that the secret of the life and death of Buddha is buried inside the walls of the secrets and philosophy books, but we need to open that before this world is ending. Don’t you think so?

Hence, I am not saying that we can just go ahead and open this secret but when we are mature enough to open the secret we can receive the blessing from the Bodhisattva.

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