Dharma Realm Buddhist University in the United States

Dharma Realm Buddhist University in the United States

 Introduction to Dharma Realm Buddhist University in the United States (MA degree from Buddhist College).

Dharma Realm Buddhist University (Dharma Realm Buddhist University ) is a Buddhist university in the United States. The school is located in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in the United States. In order to improve the quality of Jinmen and cultivate outstanding teaching talents, Master Xuanhua was founded in 1976. Dharma Realm Buddhist University in United State. Dharma Realm Buddhist University in the US is committed to cultivating future masters of the world with great virtue and great wisdom. Dharma Realm Buddhist University not only imparts professional knowledge but also pays more attention to the study of helping all human beings and all sentient beings return to their own nature based on ethics and morality. Therefore, Dharma Realm Buddhist University advocates the atmosphere of joint research and the free exchange of ideas, encourages students to study various scriptures, promotes subjective intelligence with different experiences and learning levels, and exerts the meaning of scriptures. The meaning of the principles is brought into daily life so that the Dharma and life are integrated into one, and then nourish the wisdom and life, enrich the virtues, and cultivate excellent talents with high morals and outstanding talents to benefit the masses.

Scholarships Buddhist University in United State

Dharma Realm Buddhist University in United State is registered by the California government. It offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in Buddhist research and practice, Buddhist scripture translation and language studies, Buddhist education, Chinese language studies, and confer degrees. Both monks and laypeople are welcome to apply for admission, and those with insufficient financial ability can also apply for scholarships.

The various courses offered by Dharma Realm Buddhist University in United State include various discipline courses, Buddhist courses (such as Baifa Mingmen Theory, Mahayana Awakening of Faith, etc.), Dharma Instruments Course, Huayan Alphabet, and Language Courses (including Chinese and English, depending on the level) classes), as well as Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist history, The Analects, University, Lao Tzu, I Ching, Comparative Religion, Buddhist and Western Philosophy, Psychology; as well as publishing, editing courses, Chinese calligraphy, painting courses, Tai Chi, outdoor Biology, a field study of flowers, trees and ferns in Mendocino County.

After every evening class, the class of listening to the scriptures and teaching the Dharma is a class jointly participated by the four disciples of the Holy City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. First, listen to the Mahayana Buddhist classics explained in both Chinese and English for an hour, such as the Huayan Sutra, the Lotus Sutra, and the Shurangama Sutra. For another half an hour, different people take turns to come to the stage every day to practice teaching the Fa, which is also conducted in both Chinese and English. Those who are bilingual must translate by themselves, otherwise, they will have to hire someone to translate for them. On the one hand, it cultivates the skills of teaching the Dharma. On the other hand, everyone can share with the public and accept corrections if they have any thoughts and feelings on the way of listening to the Dharma and practicing.

Dharma Realm Buddhist University United States also holds exchange activities with other universities in California. The University of Hamburg, located in the northernmost part of California, has dozens of students coming to Dharma Realm Buddhist University in the Holy City of Ten Thousand Buddhas every year for spring and autumn classes. Let go of the hustle and bustle, let go of the defilements, and exchange thoughts and hearts in the course. Students from Berkeley University, San Francisco State University, and other schools who are interested in Buddhism will also come to the Holy City of Ten Thousand Buddhas from time to time to participate in seminars at the University of Dharma to explore the truth of life in the universe, and to learn vegetarian food, meditation, and Taijiquan. Body and mind are refreshed.

Dharma Realm Buddhist University takes Dhamma as the main course content of its teaching. Teachers and students all take this as the goal of studying hard and studying together to achieve the ultimate wisdom and compassion. In such an environment, rigorous self-discipline life has become the norm in everyone’s life. Students, teachers, monks, laypeople, men, women, and children are all treated equally, regardless of class, regardless of you or me, and respect for individuals and various cultural traditions. Customs, backgrounds. In addition, there are students, teachers, textbooks, classrooms, etc. The characteristics of the true connotation of Dharma Realm Buddhist University are that the Dharma Realm is the body and the Dharma is used. Everything is a classroom, and there are no textbooks. , All people, things, and things are all objects of study, and always give yourself a good opportunity to cultivate merit, improve the law, and continue wisdom and life.

The Dharma Realm Buddhist University Library is the largest library in Mandixiano County. It is located in a red brick building with a Tudor (16th century British Dynasty) style building. It is located in the center of the Holy City and is open to students, faculty, and staff on weekdays. , and used by residents of the Holy City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. In addition to the general Chinese and English books, the most important feature of the collection is that it has a wealth of Chinese and English Buddhist scriptures and Buddhist works and language textbooks, audiotapes, and texts from various countries. Periodicals are also mainly Buddhist and Buddhist publications. There is a rich collection of books on Chinese Buddhism, including commentaries on various orthodox Buddhist scriptures, as well as Buddhist scriptures translated from Chinese into many languages. The museum also houses micro-scroll videos of Tibetan Buddhist materials.


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