Buddhist Necklace: What It Means and Why You Should Get One


What It Means and Why You Should Get One?

Buddha pendants are considered to be symbols of good luck, peace, and life. Wearing a Buddha pendant will attract the positive energy of the supreme. It can help us fight the negative energy, bring further positive energy, and help us overcome the troubles in life. 

The Meaning of a Buddhist Necklace?

We all like to feel peaceful and safe and many women around the world are in search of their own personal Buddha with a prayer beads necklace, which can do so. It’s good to know the meaning of a Buddha pendant as we can be sure of its positive effects.

Most Buddhists say that Buddha pendants represent spiritual power, prayer beads are just a representation of that power. A Buddha necklace is always worn by people who want to protect themselves from negative emotions, but it is also a good chance for the wearer to become a Buddha by taking positive steps.

To add some spirituality to your necklace, you can draw a prayer bead with it or write your wish or gratitude.

Who Can Wear a Necklace?

Buddha pendant doesn’t only belong to any particular religion. Many famous people wore Buddha pendants, including Mohammed Ali, Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, and Russell Brand.

NoteBuddha pendants are often connected to Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

How to Choose a Buddha Pendant?

The stone of your choice should match the philosophy of the religion you choose to follow. Gold or silver are the most common types of pendants.

There are also different types of Buddha pendants. The Buddha pendant with the lotus flower is maybe a little bit different from the other one.

Three Buddha Pendant for Christians

Traditionally, the three Buddha pendants for Christians are connected with the Incarnation of Christ.

It is the number of God in Jesus Christ.

How to Wearing a Buddhist Necklace?

Gently place the Buddha pendant on your neck. You may wear this necklace while going to bed at night. Put on one end of the necklace and secure it on your neck. Try to keep the Buddha pendant close to your neck and in line with your jawbones and under your chin. 

When you are active in activities, it is better to wear the necklace towards your chest. For daily use, you can keep the necklace on your neck, shoulders, wrists, and ankles. Wear the necklace with the necklaces of different Buddha images as per your preference. 

If you want to show the Buddha image to everyone, get a necklace of seven Buddha images that depicts Buddha as Lord of Compassion, Perfection, Perfect Mind, Parinirvana. The key thing is not to wear the necklace with the Buddha image with the seven eyes.

What is the Buddha Pendant Made of?

Buddha pendants can be made of silver or gold, silver is the highest, there is a big variety of Buddha pendants in many shapes and forms that can suit our specific needs and preferences. 

Wearing a silver Buddha pendant will help us to attract positive energies, generate more positive vibes and improve our body’s vitality. 

The sound of the pendant can distract the negative energy, once the negative energy has been turned into vibration then it will be easy for the mind to concentrate. The pendant will last longer as it is made of more reliable material, like silver, than plastic.

How to Choose the Right Buddha Pendant for You

There are many different types of pendants in the market that make you wonder if you are supposed to get the Buddha pendant or not.

Why You Need To Get A Buddhist Necklace 

Wearing a Buddha pendant is believed to bring many benefits to the wearer. As a matter of fact, the pendant has a soothing effect. Also, wearing a Buddha pendant is believed to make you more attractive. Some people even claim that the pendant prevents them from getting cancer or heart disease.

And there are a few other benefits as well. Having a Buddha pendant will boost your confidence. The pendant is believed to bring more mental health to the wearer. And it can also help you de-stress.

But wait, there is more.

Wearing a Buddha pendant is also believed to help you keep your body and mind healthy. The pendant has a positive effect on the body.

Having a Buddha pendant is also believed to help you attract a handsome guy. It also has the power to attract a good and tall guy.

How to Choose a Good Quality Buddha Pendant?

First of all, you need to make sure that the pendant you are buying is pure and genuine. The one that you buy must be constructed with a high-quality material that is not made with chemicals, is not cheap, and lacks quality. 

One should also make sure that the pendant you are buying has the correct weight and measurements. This is because many people think that a cheap Buddha pendant is good quality one.

How to choose the right pendant

According to these trusted sources, there are three important things that one needs to consider while selecting a good quality Buddha pendant:-

1. The material

The material that you select should have good weight and density. This is because heavier or thicker ones will attract more positive energy.

green jade buddha necklace.

green jade buddha necklace

In the Chinese way of life, jadeite jade is thought to have restoration power and wards off evil spirits. Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness, proper luck, and plenitude. Dimension: Due to the nature of the jade, each piece varies barely through layout, length, weight, and shade from the image


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