Buddha Statue: A Guide To Selecting The Correct One For Your Home

The Buddha statues are representative of Gautama’s teachings and travel throughout the Asia region. Each sculpture has common physical features, postures, and postures that outline its purpose and its meaning. The mystic’s hand gestures, called mudras, indicate teaching, meditation, knowledge, and wisdom.

The Purpose of Buddha Statues:-

The Buddha statues are a symbol of the Way, which is displayed as:

The Law of Life: Buddha was the prophet of peace, love, and nonviolence. The Law of Life consists of four main teachings: right living, right speech, right action, and right mindfulness. This was the only teaching that the Buddha taught.

The Four Noble Truths: Buddha identified three of the factors responsible for the suffering of the world: ignorance (of reality), injustice (to other beings), and hatred (of self). The three truths are reflected by the four houses of bodhisattvas:

Suffering-free, peace-loving, contented, and pure living, according to sages.

The History of Buddha Statues

As the Buddha traveled around the world spreading the teachings of the dharma, he also produced sacred relics with symbolic meaning. He made a full set of 108, one for each day of the zodiac year, and a special set of Buddha statues, which represent the birth, death, and enlightenment of the Buddha.

Most of the 108 statues (and the unique set of 108-day-statues) have been destroyed. For this reason, numerous versions of the Buddha statues have come into being over time.

Buddha-statue Dimensions:-

The most common size is 9″ in height and 3/4″ in width. Sometimes they are multiples of these dimensions. Statues may be handmade or mass-produced and may be in any color or in many colors. They may have subtle or noticeable wear or other areas where repairs may be necessary.

Buddha Statues are one of the most common representations of Buddhism. When Buddha was alive, he taught his followers how to act in order to reach enlightenment (the state in which one is free from ignorance and self-centered desires).

The central teaching in Buddhism is that people should reject worldly desires and attachments to achieve this state. Today, it’s common for people to have Buddha statues in their homes. It can be difficult to know which statue you should purchase for your home, though.

There are many different shapes, sizes, styles, materials, and colors available. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying one so you can best represent this powerful symbol for yourself and your family.

4 Places to Get a Buddha Statue for Your Home

The Buddha statues are representative of Gautama’s teachings and travel throughout the Asia region. Each sculpture has common physical features, postures, and postures that outline its purpose and its meaning. The mystic’s hand gestures, called mudras, indicate teaching, meditation, knowledge, and wisdom.

What Purpose Does a Buddha Statue Have?

The artwork on each sculpture represents various aspects of Buddhist teachings, a lesson that will resonate with you and be a special addition to your home. Buddha statues are a peaceful way to bring Buddhist beliefs to your home, and they’re a way for you to honor or remember loved ones who passed.

Why Buy Buddha Statue for Your Home?

These statue statues don’t take up much space, are inexpensive, and make great reminders of loved ones or friends. They’re adorable, not just aesthetically beautiful but also remind us of the peace we should always strive for. Inexpensive and simple, these statues are a great gift and a great conversation starter too!

Buddha statues come in all shapes and sizes.

Where to Get a Buddha Statue?

When you want to buy a Buddha statue for your home, the best place to buy a Buddha statue is:

Living Buddha Gallery – A leading dealer in the field of wooden Buddha statues, their accessories, and rare art pieces.

Thich Nhat Hanh Store – On the site of a Buddhist monastery in California. With the profits earned from Buddha statues, he supports the needy nuns of Vietnam and the needy students in California.

Blue Lotus – On the site of a Buddhist temple in France.

Lorsenware – From the manufacturers of Buddha statues in India.

1. Fortune Buddha

This 7 foot 6-inch tall statue of the Buddha is always dressed in royal attire, with the statue’s bald head covered with a scarf or gold feather, the Buddha wearing a silk sash tied at the waist.

The 4 Places to Get a Buddha Statue?

1. Meherangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

With one of the oldest Buddhist sites in the world, Meherangarh fort was chosen as one of the best places to get a Buddha statue. The Rajput warriors left behind their elephants, guns, and swords, and left behind the statues of Buddha.

The Meherangarh museum has 20 Buddhist statues in a massive collection. The art of carving statues using a lotus leaf has been perfected by the Rajputs. The main attraction of this Fort is to witness the renovation and restorations of the ancient fort.

2. Batena Cave, Mizoram

The Batena cave is a short two-hour journey from Aizawl city. According to local legend, the Buddha is believed to have preached the first sermon to his first disciples in this cave.

How to Clean a Buddha Statue?

Taking care of a Buddha statue can be very time-consuming and laborious. It involves cleaning, polishing, and cleaning the ears. Never use a utensil or a cloth made of anything else than pure silk or cotton.

Cleaning the Buddha statue

Always start with cleaning the statue of Gautama. For cleaning the entire body, use a mixture of three parts water and one part washing powder. If you use any other kind of fluid, then the statue would be damaged and the plaster would not be able to set on the feet, arms, and face. After the cleaning is done, spray the statue with water and wipe with a soft cloth or a soft mop.

For cleaning the ears, it is necessary to pour a small amount of warm water and gently clean the ears from the inside using a soft, damp cloth.

Tips for Selecting the Correct One For Your Home

Do you want a statue that is upright, or laying down? Do you need an easy-to-walk-around statue or a tall one that you can feel with your feet? Do you want the statue to look good from the front or the side, both? 

Think of the place that you will keep the statue at, what do you want it to look like? What is the nature of the deity that you want to portray in your home? Figure out the answers to these questions, and you will find that you are able to go about your choice of Buddha statue.

Buddha statue that is now obtainable is an ancient art that may not be maintained any longer. Nowadays, this choice of Buddha statue has become very popular and the market offers a huge variety of different types of it.

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The most rewarding thing about buying a Buddha statue is that it not only protects your Buddha statue from harm but also brings him to life!

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