Buddha quotes in Hindi : The 11 Most Beautiful Buddha Temples in India

The 11 Most Beautiful Temples in India: A List You Won’t Want To Miss

Buddha quotes in Hindi

“जो कुछ भी आप अपने दम पर कर सकते हैं वह करें, दूसरों पर निर्भर न रहें।”

Welcome to our blog. India is a land of temples. It has more than 100,000 temples in all shapes and sizes. Temples are an important part of religious life for Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Muslims. They are also one of the attractions that draw many people to this beautiful country.

We bring you 11 lovely temples that will make your Indian vacation worthwhile.

Section 1: Introduction

1. The Living Buddha of Nalanda

2. Nalanda University

3. The Chenrezig stupa in Nalanda

4. Chaityas of Varanasi

5. The Istana Mahabodhi in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

6. Meditation Monastery of Varanasi

7. Nalanda matha in Varanasi

8. The Jiko-Ji in Korea

9. Eko-de-Mata of Benares

Section 2: The Temples of Nalanda

10. Tripura-de-Gaha

11. Gaekwadji Temple in Benares

12. Dharmatilla and Dharmadhatu Temple in Darjeeling

13. Air Temple in Darjeeling

14. Ranjitsargarh Temple

15. Bankeshwar Temple

16. Moti Narayan Temple in Konark

17. Masinagudi

18. Indraprastha Temple in Agra

19. Kapilendu Temple in Mysore

20. Kodandarama Temple in Mandya

21. Sarnath

22. Kandy

23. Gangasagara Temple in Benares

24. Agrasen Khand

– The Temples of Benares

25. Rameshwarnath

What is a Buddhist Temple?

Wikipedia says:-

Temples and other religious buildings erected in honor of a deity, or to honor the Buddha, are called Buddhist temples. Buddhist temples are constructed primarily as spiritual centers in Buddhist countries. They are a center of pilgrimage in Buddhism and are generally seen as associated with at least one of the Six Perfections of a Buddhist. (Living with a passion)

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What are the Types of Buddhist Temples?

A Buddhist Temple can be a single structure or compound, a group of buildings, a group of buildings of which the largest is called a stupa, and a group of buildings which includes the main monastery building known as a wat.

Why Visit A Temple?

Buddhism has been around for many years and the history goes back to almost 2,000 years. It was founded in the ancient civilizations and India has a rich heritage in this area. If you’re a Hindu you may not understand this. Well, the two religions are separated by many years and therefore do not share a link or kinship. In fact, the closest connection with this is the practice of “Balmiki’s”. If you are confused with this, then read the following article on this very topic: –


According to history, you cannot go back in time to visit the caves where Buddha lived, nor the various previous, prominent era, Tibetan monks lived and ate.

List of 11 most beautiful temples in India.

1. Amaravati – Visakhapatnam

2. Navdurga

3. Dronagiri

4. Kalayatha Kovil

5. Brahma Kund

6. Parashurama Temple

7. Kalika

8. Khajuraho

9. Trishala

10. Parvati

11. Trimbakeshwar

Held religious significance: Architectural Beauty

The building is situated on the ruins of the ancient Vijayanagar capital Vijayanagara, which was ruled by the Hoysala kings between the 14th century and 1536 AD. Amaravati is a tribute to the Vijayanagara king, famous for having built India’s first Largest brick-paved city, rebuilding its once-famous capital after the devastating raids of the southern giant Cholas around 1336 AD.

Temples in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The most beautiful temple in Chennai is the Thiruparankundram temple. It is also the third-largest temple complex in India. The temple which is approximately 800 years old, has a stupa and also attracts visitors with its beautiful fresco and also various sculptures on the walls.

Sree Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Warangal

A Kumbham period inscription in this temple refers to this temple as Sri V.O.Shankara Mandiram. The temple is beautifully decorated with a variety of sculptures on its walls and pillars. The main deity here is an idol of Lord Krishna.

Kodandarama Temple, Rajahmundry

This is the most popular temple in Rajahmundry, the capital of the East Godavari District. This temple is said to have been constructed by Krishna himself when he was aged twenty-eight or twenty-nine years.

Temples in Maharashtra

Temples in West Bengal

There are over 10,000 Buddhist temples in India, both monastic and community. Besides this, there are some monasteries and dormitories.

Temples in Uttar Pradesh

Monasteries and self-respect residential colonies made of temple clusters or chaitya are also available in India. There are also large and small Dhams and chaitya (Sanskrit: ‘stupa’), which are inhabited by monks. In Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, the Chandika Lake, built by the kings and rulers, as well as the Aravali mountain range can be seen as huge parts of the Dhams.

Cultural and Religious Heritage Sites

India has a rich cultural and religious heritage. The different forms of worship have witnessed a variety of indigenous artistic expressions, which have helped keep them in the limelight.

Temples in Karnataka

Prayer flags, Pindimana Yantra, Gurukula in Srinivasaswamy Temple in Kodambakkam are the 9 main principles of the traditions, worship & tradition in Hinduism. See also: Hindu Temples of Andhra Pradesh.

Delhi, Delhi, India is a fascinating city with the oldest Buddhist Vihara at the Mughal Road. Bikaner, Rajasthan has an ancient Buddhist monastery; places where the Theravada Buddhist Monastery exists.

Temples in Rajasthan

1. Sri Ram Van Gaman (90 KM)

Sri Ram Van Gaman in the town of Lakkad in Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful and famous temples in India.

It is regarded as one of the thirty-one ‘Kalash as (grand shrines) in India. This 11th-century masterpiece is carved from white sandstone with white marble plating and was constructed during the reign of king Guna Dev.

It is built in the style of temples which were excavated under the Bhima and Krishna mountains and their triumphal arches have been retained in the structure.

2. Sri Guru Datta (150 KM)

The significance of this temple is that it is the place where the sanyasi Guru Datta attained Enlightenment in the 8th century AD.

Temples in Uttarakhand

All the historical and most attractive Buddhist temples are found in Uttarakhand. These are a few of the most beautiful temples in Uttarakhand:

“The temples of Champawat District are the abode of high spiritual knowledge, well trained and well-educated monks and nuns who are experts in protecting the environment, protecting animals and the rich cultural heritage of the country”, according to the legend.

Most beautiful temples in Uttarakhand

There are so many different kinds of temples that attract many tourists from all over the world. Here is the list of the best ones of all:

Okane Ganga Temple: In this temple, the statue of goddess Saraswati is placed.

Temples in Kerala

Temples in Kerala are known for the beautiful monolithic temples situated on hills, with thousand of years of history. Kerala is one of the places which can be truly called the temple of India. This state is home to a large number of Hindu temples as well. The beauty of the temples in this region makes it the most visited destination in Kerala.

Thermal Falls of Kerala

Thermal Falls of Kerala is a place of worship for Buddhists. The place of worship can be accessed from Sabarimala and Pathini Thottam, Pandalam. Many monks come here for worshipping the sacred River Ayyappan, and a few pilgrims also visit the temple. Thermal Falls is a famous place to visit in Kerala. It is one of the few places in the world that is blessed with the power of ‘Holy Water’ (Ayyappa Nanaku).

4.7: Temples in Odisha (Orissa)

There are 111 Jayadeva Vihara, nine Jeyaneswara Vihara, eleven Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple, two Navagraha Temple, two Vinayaka Swamy Temple, three Balasani Temple, three Hemadri Temple, and twelve Chola temples, in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.

There are other ten pagodas, in the city of Balasore, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Ganjam, Bargarh, and Jagatsinghpur. There are sixty-five temples in the name of Narasimha or Parvati, in the holy cities of Puri, Puri, Cuttack, Balasore, and Rourkela. There are fifty-eight temples of Jagannatha/Viswakarma in Puri.

4.7.1 Stupas in Orissa

There are eleven Stupas or Mahendriksha in Orissa, twenty-one of which are at holy places in Puri, twenty-two in Bhubaneswar, and ten at Jagatsinghpur.

4.8: Temple of Tirumala-Tirupati

Explore our list of the most beautiful temples in India.

( Please scroll down to read our list of the Most Beautiful Temples in India )

1) Rameswaram Temple

Located on the coast, this is one of the most important temples in South India. A number of merchant kings ruled here. Rameswaram is also the home of sage Astikeya. The temple is built on the waters of The Bay of Bengal.

2) The Meenakshi Amman Temple

One of the famous Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu, The Meenakshi Amman Temple is a living example of architecture that follows the natural beauty of the place, and this is also reflected in the placement of the superstructure.

3) Konarak Mandir

The Konarak temple is one of the famous temples in India. The place has a rich history with tales of 1001 years of continuous worship to Lord Vishnu.



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