Best of 30 Buddha Quotes on love | Buddha Quotes About Love in English

Best of 30 Buddha Quotes on love | Buddha Quotes About Love in English

Best of 30 Buddha Quotes on love. 

 1. There is no tree in Bodhi, and the mirror is not a stage.

2. One flower, one world, one Buddha.

3. Great sorrow without tears, great enlightenment without words, laughter without sound.

4. Everything is illusory.

5. Life is like being in the midst of thorns. If the heart does not move, people do not move rashly. If they do not move, they will not be hurt.

6. If the heart is moved, people move rashly, hurting their bodies and bones, so they experience all kinds of pain in the world.

7, can not be said.

8. Form is emptiness, and emptiness is formed.

9. The sea of ​​suffering is boundless, and turning back is the shore. Put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha on the spot.

10. I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell.

Best of 30 Buddha Quotes on love. 

11. Looking back 500 times in the previous life was exchanged for one pass in this life.

12. But free from false predestined conditions, it is like a Buddha.

13. It is easy to understand the mind, but it is difficult to rest the mind, and the mind is free everywhere.

14. If you don’t practice internal skills, you only seek external things, hoping to get blessings, there is no good.

15. If you want to seek Buddha but seek heart, only this heart is Buddha.

16. The Buddhas of the three times take their own minds as their teachers.

17. If you can know your original mind, you can practice it; you will see Buddha nature if you don’t stay.

18. If you don’t see him, it’s not me. Naturally, you will be respectful and respectful. The Buddhadharma will always appear before you, and the troubles will be liberated.

19. All sentient beings, all kinds of illusions, are born with the beautiful mind of the Tathagata.

20. But things are up and down, this is the effort and effort of learning Tao.

Most reasonable of 30 Buddha Quotes on love. 

21. Dharma is used for daily use, where we eat tea and eat, and where we ask questions about language.

22. When self-nature is born, the karmic knowledge comes empty.

23. All karmic hindrances of those who see their own nature will be extinguished in an instant.

24. The current perception, hearing, and perception is the law. The law is separated from seeing, hearing, and perception, and it is not the way to reach the law.

25. The mind does not need to be more mindful. It is the Buddha who works harder to find the Buddha. If you make cloth on the words and sentences, you will fall into the antique bag.

26. According to the root of no abiding, the root of all dharmas without abiding is the root of no abiding. If it can be thoroughly lived, all laws will be the same.

27. Staying in the right place is always Zhan Ran, and there is no more than this kind of word. If you look for it, you know that you can’t see it, but in the right place Zhan Ran, sitting and breaking on the two sides makes it stable.

True 30 Buddha Quotes on love. 

8. Who is not a partner with Wanfa, look after yourself when you look back and tell yourself when you suck up the water of the Xijiang in one gulp.

29. Believe in the heart and see that nature is completely in daily use without the slightest leakage. The whole world law is the Buddha law, the whole Buddha law is the world law, and it is equal.

30. Hundreds of thousands of methods, the same return square inches, the wonderful method of river sand, always in the heart.


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