Amrapali and Gautam Buddha story and Buddha quotes in Hindi

  Story of  Amrapali and Gautam Buddha

Hello friends, today in this article we are going to learn about Amrapali and Lord Gautam Buddha. So let’s find out in detail.

Buddha quotes in Hindi

“व्यर्थ बहस से बेहतर अर्थपूर्ण चुप्पी हमेशा सही होती है  “

Amrapali was a historically famous Licchavi dancer of Vrajisanga of Vaishali in Buddhist times. She is also known as ‘Ambapali’ or ‘Ambapalika’. Amrapali was very beautiful and it is said that anyone who saw her once would be fascinated by her. Ajatashatru was among his lovers and in the literature available at that time, Bijasar, the father of Ajatashatru, is also secretly described as his lover. Many poems, plays and novels have been written about Amrapali in Indian languages.
Once Mahatma Buddha reached Vaishali city on foot with his disciples. Vaishali was considered to be one of the important districts of the then sixteen Mahajanapadas, whose fame spread far and wide. The city was very glorious and prosperous on all sides.
The news of the arrival of Mahatma Buddha did not take long to spread throughout the city. The one who was introduced reached out to them and considered himself lucky to hear their teachings. The character of the Buddha was so impressive that no one could live without influencing him. Amrapali, a prostitute and politician of that city, was also eager to meet the Buddha. She herself came to Mahatma Buddha and invited them to her house for dinner. He appealed to the Buddha so simply and lovingly that the Buddha could not refuse. When his disciples found out that Mahatma Buddha had accepted the invitation of a prostitute, they all protested.
Mahatma Buddha easily said to his disciples- ‘I have seen their love. The feeling with which he called me was completely pure and unconditional. She came to see me today, not as a prostitute but out of devotion, so how could I not accept her invitation? Whether she is a prostitute or a hermit.

Buddha quotes in Hindi

इस संसार में सत्य ही अंतिम है। 

Eventually Buddha went to Amrapali’s house for dinner. She had already made all the arrangements for the meal and was already waiting for the arrival of Lord Buddha. The thought was coming to my mind that Buddha should not turn his back on his word. Why does such a big hermit come to the house of a prostitute and eat at her house? But when Amrapali saw the Buddha coming to her house, she was overjoyed. She ran to the door and greeted him.
He gave meals with his own hands and welcomed them. The disciples of Mahatma Buddha who came with him saw a prostitute at the feet of which Emperor Bibinsar himself was an Ajatashatru. Seeing the whole Vaishali, which the whole Vaishali longed to visit, behaved like a hermit, the Buddha’s disciples felt more respect for their Guru.
Amrapali was more impressed by what she had heard about the personality of Mahatma Buddha, after meeting him and at the same time she went to the shelter of the Buddha. She became a lifelong nun in the name of a Buddhist monastery with all her possessions.


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